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02 Sep 2016

New Ethernet media converter with contact closure for alarm and traffic control applications


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Sept, 2016


OT Systems, a global leader and manufacturer in transmission solutions, introduces its new ET1111CBH media converter with contact closure series which is designed for industrial and control applications. This media converter series converts a contact-closure signal input into optical signals for transmission over a single fiber-optic link in both directions. It’s available with NO or NC dry contacts output. The ET111CBH series extends up to 20km for remote transmission over long distances and provides fast relay response time in 2ms, bridging the gap between automation, control environments and traditional IP-based networks. The ET1111CBH Series is designed for extreme temperature environments, operating from -40°C to 75°C (-40°F to 167°F). The series offers flexibility and is perfectly suited for the applications with access control, emergency help point, traffic control, gate control, building automation and fire and alarm system. 


Flexible and Applicable Design

With zero configuration necessary and a small-scale design, the ET111CBH series can be installed quickly and easily in most camera housings. The fiber supports single mode and multi-mode and allows for the SC and ST connectors. The dry contact closure is bi-directional and offers a quick response time of <2ms, as well as normally open and closed for the one channel dry contact. The output rating is max.32VDC/VAC@ 100mA.



Flexible, compact design Bi-directional contact closure
Plug-and-play; Zero configuration Wall-mount & 1U rack mount
Quick response time <2ms -40°C to 75°C
Extended transmission distance, up to 20km (single mode) / 2km (multi mode)


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ET1111CBH Series
Hardened Microtype 100Base-TX to 100Base-FX Ethernet Media Converter with 1-ch Bi-Directional Contact Closure

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