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19 Apr 2019

OT Systems’ Media Converters Secure Schools More Comprehensively and Cost-Effectively

Case Study

April, 2019



Princess Nourah Bint AbdulRahman University in Riyadh's has enhanced its surveillance system by adding 150 pairs of OT Systems' ET1111 media converters to its state-of-the-art access control system all over campus.

Princess Nourah Bint AbdulRahman University, the first women's university in Saudi Arabia as well as the largest women’s university in the world, implemented the kingdom's flagship security project featuring OT Systems' industrial Ethernet media converter. On campus, patrol patterns require more areas to be monitored by CCTV and access control systems when security guards are not present. The system utilizes a number of IP cameras installed along the fence and inside the university buildings for perimeter protection and surveillance. Leveraging 986 pairs of OT Systems ET1111 (Industrial grade 10/100Base-TX + 100Base-FX media converter), each converter is dedicated to one IP camera or device. OT Systems guarantees a safe and stable data transfer throughout the site using point-to-point media converting solution. Only one camera will be affected if a converter is in trouble. Thanks to its compact size design, the media converter is small enough to fit inside the IP camera housing. Its 12VDC / 24VAC power compatibility also shares a power source with the camera. Designed for outdoor installation, the ET1111 withstands operating temperature from -10℃ to 60℃.


OT Systems’ media converter offers customers a reliable and stable device for IP devices connection with fiber links and provides an excellent transmission solution for university access control system. It offers the flexibility of biometric readers connection at each access control location and the central server with a variety of fiber links (single-mode/multi-mode, 1/2 core), extending the transmission distance up to 20km.


As the scale and complexity of security projects are increasing, there is a challenge in enhancing efficiency over longer distances. As a transmission devices manufacturer, OT Systems plays an important role to promote a secure learning and working environment for its users by Ethernet media converters.

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