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26 Apr 2019

OT Systems in China Mobile 5G Innovation Centre Hong Kong Open Lab

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April, 2019

OT Systems in China Mobile 5G Innovation Centre Hong Kong Open Lab

Test 5G Network through Traffic Surveillance

China Mobile Hong Kong, a telecommunication corporation, held the grand opening of the China Mobile 5G Innovation Centre and Hong Kong Open Lab at Hong Kong Science Park on 17 Apr. OT Systems was invited to showcase their Mobile Surveillance Solution on excessive speeding prevention to conduct 5G test.

During the day, OT Systems set a mobile surveillance station in Hong Kong Science Park, the live surveillance video would send to the management platform at the Hong Kong Open Lab through 5G wireless network. Meanwhile, with AI deep-learning, the system could recognize related vehicle information such as vehicle type, speed and number plate, and determine whether there is excessive speeding. The bandwidth of 5G network could support the transmission of 4K ultra HD surveillance videos. It would increase the accuracy of AI analysis and transmission speed.

OT Systems is focusing more on the development of smart city solutions on mobile surveillance with AIoT and Big Data technology. Meanwhile, we will continue to try different new technology and development various smart city solutions proactively. We strive to facilitate the development of smart city and improve the quality of life in Hong Kong.

OT Systems in China Mobile 5G Innovation Centre Hong Kong Open Lab

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