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17 Feb 2015

Check it out! OT Systems' intelligent self-configured Ethernet switch designed for IP CCTV applications!

Multicast Support

OT Systems designed the ET4222PpH to support IGMP with a simple click of a dip switch. In large IP CCTV surveillance systems, IP cameras employ multicast transmission to reduce the needed bandwidth. However, an unmanaged Ethernet switch is poorly equipped to receive multicast packets; it converts them to broadcast packets. The system then sends broadcast packets to every port in the switch resulting in video loss or disconnection. OT Systems has eliminated that concern. By simply changing the dip switch, the ET4222PpH efficiently receives multicast packets and only forwards the data to the appropriate port. This innovative feature saves bandwidth and maximizes the switch performance, increasing the systems effectiveness and reliability.

Broadcast Storm Control

OT Systems' ET4222PpH supports broadcast storm control, preventing broadcast overload. If an Ethernet device, such as an IPC, inadvertently goes into an unstable state and continuously sends out broadcast packets, whole network performance is drastically reduced and, in some cases, results in whole system failure. But, OT Systems developed the ET4222PpH to detect broadcast packet flooding the ports and automatically suppress them to the minimum level (1% of Ethernet Port Speed.) The system automatically makes the adjustment without impact to the network performance.

9 Kbytes Jumbo Frame

The OT Systems ET4222PpH supports jumbo frame which significantly improves the network performance by providing less overhead and a higher payload capacity. The above figure shows the difference between standard frame (1522 bytes) and jumbo frame (9000 bytes). The jumbo frame has less than five times the overhead when compared to standard frame and 5 times more payload

(the actual data.) This enhanced payload capacity resulting in better, more efficient channel utilization. This structure is best suited for IP CCTV surveillance as the video stream is continuous every second.

Daisy-chain Connection

OT Systems designed the ET4222PpH to support daisy-chain connection, allowing the switches to be cascaded with each other. This system feature is most suited for highway applications where the cameras or the stations are located in a line along the highway. This reduces fiber costs and provides a simpler installation.

Redundant Power

ET4222PpH supports two 48VDC power supply inputs. The two supplies share the load, providing constant redundancy. If one power supply fails, the other input will take over power and fully supply the entire switch eliminating the risk of packet loss.

Additionally, the closed failure alarm contact activates the alarm device, alerting the operator that the system requires attention. This switch works especially well in high availability systems.


OT Systems, a company dedicated to transmission solutions, specializes in the design and manufacturing of high-quality, value-based spectrum of transmission devices to meet the changing demands of the growing security market. Our products span a variety of application requirements from HD-SDI, Ethernet, video, audio, data and contact closure signals transmission over fiber optics. For further information about OT Systems, please visit our website at www.ot-systems.com.


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