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*** Successful case studies for surveillance, access control, transportation applications and more ***

 Lonbras Estate for NLNG and TRAIN 7 Project – Nigeria 


Lonbras Estate, situated in the heart of Bonny Island in Rivers State, Nigeria, is designed to meet the high accommodation standards required for the NLNG and TRAIN 7 project. Lonbras Camp offers 116 high-quality, 24/7 secure and well-maintained infrastructure connecting the facility to the main access road, with adequate streetlights, and armed police to be in place....MORE

 SP Setia Development Project – Malaysia 


In 2022, OT Systems collaborated with Armourbuilt Sdn Bhd to play a crucial role in enhancing perimeter security applications, which has been successfully implemented in the SP Setia Development project. Our solution seamlessly integrates with the Fence Intrusion Detection System (FIDS) and establishes a comprehensive security infrastructure, setting new standards for safety and peace of mind....MORE

 Tanzania Power Plant – Tanzania 


The Tanzania power plant security project is featuring OT Systems’ Industrial Grade Optical Networking Switch ET42202XM-S-RP, ET8222PpH-S-DR and Hardened Grade Gigabit Media Converter ET1212PpH-SA-DR to offer a number of PoE IP cameras installed along the fence and inside factory buildings for perimeter protection up to 20km long extended transmission distance through fiber optic connection without adding additional infrastructure or cabling....MORE

 P-78 Offshore oil & gas FPSO – Brazil 


In 2021, Brazilian oil and gas giant Petrobras signed a $2.3 billion worth contract with Keppel Shipyard to build the P-78 FPSO, the seventh unit to be installed in the Búzios field, in the Santos Basin pre-salt area. The FPSO platform produces, stores, and transfers up to 180,000 barrels of oil per day, and it will also provide the 85,000MT hull and the living quarters for 240 persons....MORE

 Dubai Metro – United Arab Emirates 


OT Systems provided a reliable and cost-effective transmission equipment to the Dubai Metro red line expansion and maintenance. Our hardened transmission equipment enabled the metro systems to extend distances to PoE devices with fiber. Meanwhile, our product family provided the flexibility for connecting the devices in point-to-point or daisy-chain topologies...MORE

 Hong Kong International Airport – Hong Kong 


The Hong Kong International Airport recently modernized it's CCTV system taking it's surveillance capabilities from analog to IP by integrating OT Systems' Ethernet-over-Coax (EoC) transmission solution to existing infrastructure...MORE


 Royal Oman Police Station – Oman 


One of the high-tech Police force in the world, the Royal Oman Police has replaced their transmission systems in police station. The faster and more stable fiber optical switch with Video Analytic technology helps the Police force efficiency.....MORE

 East Kowloon Marathon – Hong Kong 

The Marathon was taken place on 8th Jan, 2017 in Kowloon, Hong Kong. As reported, there were more than 15,000 runners participating the annual event including 10km, semi-marathon, and 32.195km races. To ensure the safety of runners and crowd, the organizer was aware of the need of enhancing surveillance and monitoring of the event at various locations. However, installing fixed surveillance points was not cost-effective whatsoever for such 1-day event, and literally no power supply or cabling was available at those locations where enhanced surveillance was needed. In order to enhance the safety of sudden surge of crowd at the event entrances and adjacent public transport stands. OT Systems sponsored the grand event with their compact All-in-one Rapid Deployment CCTV Cart. solution enhanced live monitoring for crowd safety at the event where CCTV is of shortage. Its modular, self-operating design also eased the concern that no power or cabling is available at the surveillance points.... MORE

 Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall – Indonesia 

The Grand Indonesia's shopping malls and business office centers recently modernized it's CCTV system taking it's surveillance capabilities from analog to IP by integrating OT Systems' Ethernet-over-Coax (EoC) transmission solution to existing infrastructure.A total of 100 single-channel ET1100CPp-T transmitters were installed to connect 100 IP cameras and connected to either single-channel ET1100CPp-R receivers or 8 to 16-channel ET4200CPp-RS8/16 rack-mount receivers. The ET4200CPp-RS8/16 receiver offers full switching capability and 10/100/1000Mbps auto-MDI/MDIX full-duplex communication and it's available with rack-mounting installation in the 19-inch rack cabinet. The EoC solution provides flexible communications and 30watt high power with power over coax (PoC) technology to remote PoE IP cameras or PTZ cameras. The power supply can be connected with one-channel or multi-channel receivers like the ET1100CPp-R and ET42000CPp-RS8/16 which supply power using legacy cable... MORE

 Taipa Citizen Footbridge – Macau 

OT Systems, a global leader in security transmission, announced the installation of their industrial PoE switches to enhance and extend the transmission capabilities for a system featuring more than 200 PoE IP and dome cameras needed to protect pedestrians in the newly opened circular, Citizen Footbridge in Taipa, Macau. The surveillance system uses more than 200 PoE IP and dome IP cameras to monitor footbridges, gateways, escalators, lifts, stairs and the surrounding areas monitored by the system. This innovative and extensive system features 60 OT Systems' ET4111Pp-S-DR industrial switches on the camera end and 60 ET2111 industrial Ethernet switches rack-mounted in the 19” chassis in the control centre. One ET4111Pp-S-DR industrial switch connects up to 4 IP cameras with maximum 30W output power for each camera. Its output power is capable of supporting power hungry devices including PTZ IP cameras. The switch can extend the Ethernet distance up to 20km via fiber links, offering easy connection to the system's control centre for security control management... MORE

 Princess Nora Bint AbdulRahman University – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 

Princess Nora Bint AbdulRahman University in Riyadh recently enhanced it's billion dollar surveillance system by adding 150 pairs of OT Systems' ET1111 media converters to it's state-of-the-art access control system spanning the entire campus. This is the University's second phase of OTS product installations. It first installed OTS solutions nearly four years ago as part of their video surveillance and perimeter-intrusion detection systems. In the campus, patrol patterns require more areas to be monitored by CCTV and access control systems when security guards are not present. The system utilizes a number of IP cameras installed along the fence and inside university buildings for perimeter protection and surveillance. Leveraging 986 pairs of OT Systems ET1111 (Industrial grade 10/100Base-TX + 100Base-FX media converter), each converter is dedicated to one IP camera or device... MORE

 General Mitchell International Airport – Milwaukee, USA 

Milwaukee Counties' General Mitchell Airport (GMIA) utilized OT Systems all digital single-, four- and eight-channel transmitter and receivers as well as Ethernet media converters for single-mode fiber, increasing the airport's security system communication bandwidth and distance capabilities. This was the largest phase of a multi-phased fiber optic conversion from multimode to single-mode fiber. OT Systems was able to make this installation work seamlessly and, at the same time, save the airport precious time, money and other resources by minimizing the number of fibers used. GMIA is a medium-hub county-owned public airport located five miles south of the central business district of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The airport is the main hub of Midwest Airlines and a secondary hub for AirTran Airways and Frontier Airlines. 

  King Abdul Aziz Port – Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 

The King Abdul Aziz Port at Dammam, ranked second in Saudi Arabia as a commercial seaport handling over 18 million tons of cargo each year, is currently undergoing a redevelopment project to improve and expand the terminal operations. OT Systems was chosen to provide industrial-grade fiber optic transmission devices for the Port's perimeter protection systems and surveillance of ground operations. OT Systems' all digital video plus data and contact closure transmitters/receivers are utilized for transmitting signals on the Port's fiber optic network, ensuring real-time video recovery and controlling. 

  Celanese Chemical – Illinois, USA 

Celanese Corporation, a leading global chemical company, recently updated its security and surveillance system at the company’s 200 acre, 15 building Meredosia manufacturing campus. For the upgrade, Celanese chose fiber and OT Systems products as the primary means of image transmission from their CCTV camera system. 

  Saudi Kayan Petrochemical Complex – Jubail, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 

The Saudi Kayan Petrochemical Complex has annual capacity exceeding four million metric tons of chemical products. This growing facility is creating specialized chemicals to add to Saudi marketplace that will be produced in Saudi Arabia for the first time, requiring fast and reliable security transmission. OT Systems was chosen to provide fiber optic transmission designed to handle signals to and from numerous facilities inside and outside the complex and the main control room. 

  HK-Shenzhen Western Corridor – Hong Kong 

The 5.5km dual 3-lane Hong Kong-Shenzhen Western Corridor is the fourth vehicular boundary crossing between Hong Kong and China. The Western Corridor alleviates the nearly saturated boundary crossing and enhances trade between Hong Kong and Southern China. OT Systems' digital fiber optic converters were installed as part of the surveillance and traffic control system. 

  Bank of Thailand – Thailand 

Security surveillance systems for the new Bank of Thailand banknotes printing facilities require the highest level of reliability. Co-operating with Chubb, OT Systems proudly provides fiber optic transmission equipment for the CCTV systems, offering increased reliability for this highly secured premises. OT Systems' equipment is installed to transmit video and control signals to and from cameras at every corner of the facility.