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20 Jun 2023

Enhancing Perimeter Security: OTS plays key role in SP Setia Development Project

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OTS plays a crucial role in enhancing perimeter security applications and has been successfully implemented in the SP Setia Development project.

In this case, the solution utilizes over 100 of ET1212Pp9H-S-DR (Gigabit Media Converter with PoE plus plus) and 10 of IES82162XMH-S-RP (Layer3 Multi-port Managed Optical Switch), providing a robust and reliable network infrastructure for perimeter security. The ideal solution ensures seamless connectivity, efficient power transmission through integrating alarms, videos, and sensors into a single platform and effective data management, which enhances security, reduces response time. It enables faster detection and verification of events, enhancing overall decision-making speed as well as provides a safer environment for property management. By managing all technologies through a single user interface, making it easier to manage and control individual or multiple sites.

Enhancing Perimeter Security: OTS plays key role in SP Setia Development Project

The boundary protection and security solution primarily integrate multiple systems, including motion sensors, automatic lighting, radars, access control, as well as speed dome, etc. They are all connected through point-to-point ET1212Pp9H-S-DR, providing data connectivity with a long distance (depending on SFP module) and up to 95W per port power supply. This allows various security devices to seamlessly integrate and operate even in remote or challenging environments, enabling real-time monitoring and immediate response.


IES82162XMH-S-RP serves as the central hub for data transmission in the secure network and features advanced capabilities of a 10G multi-port fiber optic switch. It handles and manages data traffic within the network and is responsible for routing and forwarding between different subnetworks. It supports intelligent routing, selecting the optimal path based on the destination IP address to achieve efficient data transmission for numerous devices. With four 10G fiber ports, it facilitates high-speed communication between devices and the central control room, ensuring fast and efficient information exchange. IES82162XMH-S-RP also supports redundant ring architecture with fast self-recovery capability, ensuring continuous operation and reliability of the system.
This successful endeavor represents a paradigm shift in perimeter surveillance and sets new standards of excellence. To learn more about how our solutions can be applied to your security system. Please email us today.

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