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22 Feb 2021

Successful Case | OTS Deployment in Countdown at the Marina Bay

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Successful Case | OTS Deployment in Countdown at the Marina Bay
Singapore holds a grand New Year’s Eve celebration event every year. In order to ensure on-site safety, the government enhance the police force and other security measures.
During the Countdown to 2019 event at the Marina Bay Singapore, the government adopted OTS IoT Mobile Surveillance Solutions - RMAS-HK02, to provide maximum coverage for monitoring, and combined with help from our immediate alert and support centre, we were able to operate from a 360 ° all-inclusive perspective for maximum security. It is perfect for crowd monitoring and management during public events. 

Pecfect for Crowd Management

OTS Deployment in Countdown at the Marina Bay
RMAS-HK02 is a streamlined, ultra-lightweight Mobile Surveillance Station. Its rail-mount metal casing means that it is attachable to a wide range of fixtures, ensuring high versatility in terms of geographical location and application. It is ideal for event and incident monitoring, particularly within a more confined spaces, such as narrower pedestrian pavements. It is also able to operate anywhere, even without fixed power input or network supply. Support 4G/5G/Wi-Fi network and real-time encrypted transmission.

Other Models Also Available

Other Models Also Available

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